Icon Map


Icon Map is a custom visual for Microsoft Power BI. Custom visuals allow you to extend the capabilties of Power BI with additional visuals, not developed by Microsoft. This visual was developed by James Dales.

Icon Map is currently available in the custom visuals marketplace (AppSource) within Power BI. The version available in the marketplace is a number of years old and has not been updated since its initial release. The documentation in this site relates to an upcoming, new version of Icon Map that will be released into the marketplace following a period of beta testing.

The latest beta version of Icon Map is available to download from here.

The Icon Map is a map visual based on an Open Source library, Leaflet. There are other map visuals available for Power BI. Icon Map was created to provide additional functionality not available in those visuals.


Background Layers




GeoJSON shapes

Well Known Text (WKT)

Map controls and interaction